michaela-janemichaela-janeHello. My name is Michaela-Jane (AKA The GothWitch)

So who am I?

I am a Pagan Eclectic Witch, a Goth, website hobbiest, part time casual blogger and gamer who loves cats, books, tech, life, the world, the universe and The Sweet!!

I am in my early 50s and a single mother of a wonderful son who is my world.

When I say single, I mean it in every sense. I have never been married, nor have I lived with anyone, something I have never regretted. In fact it has made me stronger in my life and it gave me an amazing opportunity to bring my son up in a very stable, quiet and calmer home environment than I ever had.

I have a name that I love, but I also have a name that most people pronounce wrong. My name is Mee-ki-la, it is NOT Me-KAY-la!

I live in the back-end of nowhere called Darlington in the North of England but I have lived all around the UK including Swansea, York and Great Yarmouth.

I walk most places, further travel is done by bus or train. I have a clean full driving licence but do not own a car. So expensive now! Anyway this way is healthier, better for my pocket and the environment. Plus I love a boogy to my mp3 player as I walk!

I love reading, I love watching documentaries about the Earth and the Universe. I love gadgets and computers, messing with my websites, my tablet and rooted Galaxy Note 3! I built my first computer  off a page I printed from the internet. It ran windows 95. It was a huge the upgrade from my old Amiga 1200 (which actually i really do still miss!).

Cats are my passion though. Love them. Always have.  I got to choose my first about aged 7, a ginger tom I called Tiger. In fact my first 3 cats were ginger toms called Tiger. Each came from York cat shelter. Then I got 2, then 3. I would have as many as I could but life wont allow me so I have 1 child and 5 cats.

in 2016 I joined the many thousands of people who fought the battle of their life. I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer. I survived. It has changed me and how I now look out upon the world.

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