Are Footballers Worth Their Weight In Gold?

Posted 2/4/2015

I have never been a fan of Football. Why? Well look at the England Squad. Total let down every time. So, today it was reported that a Liverpool footballer had revealed in an interview that he had turned down £100,000 a week new contract. During this same interview he had also made it known he had received other attractive offers and that he would not look again at anything until later in the season. Today, it seems, he has felt it necessary to put out a statement that its not about the money! Really?

These days the wages paid to these so called athletes is positively sick beyond measure. The price charged by these top clubs for tickets, merchandise etc is beyond most "normal" people and their prices keep going up.

Luckily in my house we are not into football, bad enough some of my sky subscription fee has gone to pay for that totally overpriced bid to show so many games. £1,4bn, come on, really?  All this will do is increase the wages paid to these overstuffed greedy self centred players who spend most of their time on the pitch falling over and crying foul!

It is sad that this deal has been allowed to go ahead as it really is obscene the money paid out to this sport when so many other sports are crying out for funds. What about all the sports centres around the country that have to close due to lack of funding. Very little of this money paid out will find its way into any deserving cause and in paying this amount out now, it i setting a very bad precedent for next time.

Do I need a better reason not to like football?

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