From Feral to Family Pt2

Posted 28/6/2015

Aria is now 8 weeks old and is going from strength to strength. She has turned out to be a very loving, gentle kitten without any signs at all of ever being a feral. Healthy and alert, she is clean and a joy to have around,

It has been very many years since I took in my first feral cat. This time round it has turned out to be the easiest experience of having any kitten yet.

Most of my life I have taken adult cats from rescue centres or had cats passed onto me in need of a home. When I heard of this little feral kitten the only one of the litter, it just had to be.

So what is she like?


She is already a set member of the family, and just like a toddler, the room is full of her toys, all over! She is growing fast and I have arranged for her to go to the vets next week to get her first vaccination.

She eats well though at the moment she is very fussy! She enjoys fresh chicken. Mixing that slowly into soft kitten food is allowing me to slowly wean her off the fresh food and onto the more easily accessible and convenient tinned kitten food.

She loves milk! No, not the cows milk we use, the special cat milk you can buy. Sometimes she is hungry for food, sometimes for milk. She also has access to the dry kitten food to nibble on.



Aria - The Feral KittenAria - The Feral Kitten

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