Kittens Are Growing!

Posted 19/8/2015

So my kittens are growing up fast! Icarus has now been neutered so there is now no possibility of little marshmallows! He has also been microchipped, he is all grown up  although he is still very much a kitten. Aria is still a baby. She came to me so young and she is still so small, it is easy to forget she is still very much a kitten. They have both settled in to the family like pieces of a jigsaw puzzle and have intergrated well with my other cats.

From left to right Smudge - Aria - Minx - IcarusFrom left to right Smudge - Aria - Minx - Icarus

I picked up loads of simple toys for my cats from my local Poundstretcher store. I bought 2 fold out soft cubes and a play tunnel, 2 little springy mice and a couple of small scratching posts, add to that 4 plain navy corded carpet tiles, they have a myriad of things to play with. I have a small back yard where the kittens have their own little playground. This time of year, the sun it out and so are the cats! I found by taking their toys outside it kept them occupied as well as giving them somewhere to sleep.

Cats are family to me. I talk to them all the time, I even have long conversations with them at times! I go upstairs, I get the three kittens with me. Smudge tends to be outside sleeping on the wall most of the time day or night or if its quiet sometimes in the grass bed. Minx is on the settee I would think about 90% of the time now. She doesn't go far, sometimes out the yard if its sunny, quiet and warm but hardly ever upstairs, I think it is tiring for her now.

I have had cats all my life, being surrounded by these beautiful creatures makes each day an adventure with an abundance of love. Very inquisitive, they are into everything, bouncing and chasing around round moment then quiet as you find them flat out sleeping.

Yes, I am proud to be a crazy cat lady.

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