Loss Of A Loved One

Posted 2/5/2015

This is the Story of Nimbus.

Six months ago two new kittens joined my family. They had been abandoned in their home when the owners decided to move out, they were left behind, in a cold, empty house. I found out about them from a local rescue centre that had taken them in. As my two cats were Old, and Very Old I had decided now was the time to take on a pair of youngsters to bring on.

I have, for the last 30 years, always taken in rescue cats but usually, unlike in this case, I have been presented with a cat or cats that needed a desperate home. This time I wanted to choose, to look and find ones that suited me. I wanted to choose  a different colour than I had had before.

In looking around, I was directed to a local kennel and cattery that had become a local centre for taking in abandoned pets. There was the Dogs Trust centre about a mile away so luckily that rescue organization took all the dogs, but this cattery ended up taking all the rest, cats, hamsters, guinea pigs, allsorts. I felt at the time that this was the best starting point for my search for new additions.

I contacted them, explained that a couple of months earlier I had lost a cat to very old age, and her sister probably wouldn't be that far behind. I was looking for a new companions to bring up beside my elderly cats. Yes, they had some kittens in ready to go plus a couple more that were a bit older. I arranged to go look the following day.

As I do not have a car, off I popped onto public transport, getting the bus over to the little village and walking the last half a mile to the boarding kennels. The girls were lovely in the reception area. First I was taken to meet some tiny kittens. Oh they were so small, so beautiful. I could have happily walked away with one of those sweet little babies, but I wanted to see all the options. Tearing myself away from these little bundles of fur, I asked to see the other two that were to be re-homed as a pair.

We went to a different are and there I was shown a bed with 2 small forms in it. Cuddled together in that basket I saw a pair of sad eyes. These were not new babies, these two were about 4 months old. As son as the door to their enclosure was opened I was introduced to the pair. 

Brother and sister, the lad was a fluffy adventurous black and white tom kitten. As soon as he was able, he flew out and immediately started searching the room looking, maybe a way out, or food, I'm not sure, but he wasn't staying put. Then towards me came this little black ball of fur. Quiet and gentle, she came willingly to my arms, cuddled in, looked up at me and started purring. That was it! This was the pair! These two abandoned little kittens would now have a new home. I signed the forms, paid the donations and arranged a taxi to take us home.

Ebony and Nimbus - Rescued KittensEbony and Nimbus - Rescued Kittens

These two wonderful kittens were as different as chalk and cheese. They had toys galore, three beds and baskets to choose from plus a cosy radiator bed for when it was cold. The vet confirmed they were fit and healthy, they were vaccinated, micro-chipped and ensured they wouldn't have babies themselves.

Ebony became my baby, loving my knee, my warm bed on a night, very vocal and never going far. Nimbus, on the other hand, didn't like being held, at all! He did love being able to explore. He was a lot quieter and slowly became attached to my son, and the pair started a very special friendship. Every morning, as my son worked late shift, Nimbus would wait outside his door until the time was right to open his door so Nimbus could go to greet my son good morning. This has been the routine for nearly six months.

I have had cats all my life. I will not keep a cat in. I consider it cruel, cats are night creatures, they are hunters, they are adventurous. I always knew there would be a chance I could loose one. I always hoped it would not happen, I couldn't have expected it to happen so soon!

Sunday morning, Nimbus wasn't home when I got up. At first I thought he was just out raking, it was quiet, he was probably enjoying the lovely morning. I rattled the breakfast dishes, fed the others, no sign of Nimbus.

Then I had a thought, he was in with my son! I peeked quietly into his room, no cat...  My son asked what was wrong, I said Nimbus hadn't come home. My son was up! He put his jacket on, went out into the alley and started looking. A few minutes later he came home, no sign. He got his shoes and coat on, went out again. About five minutes later I saw him come in with Nimbus in his arms.....

.....he was dead.....

We were both totally heartbroken, we were grief-stricken. He had died in the night, he had been hit by a car, he never stood a chance.

Cats are not pets to me, they are family. I lost my oldest cat last year, we had expected it, we were deeply saddened but she had a wonderful life. Nimbus was still a baby.  To lose him so early was devastating.

Ebony is lost. She has cried everyday since Nimbus didn't come home. She has lost her sleeping partner, he playmate, her brother. It has had a profound impact on her. She has become a bit more wary. She will take time adjusting, she is a very sensitive little thing.

The loss of a pet is the loss of a family member. It has had a huge impact on us all, especially my son. How do we move on? We rescue another abandoned cat.

So now I am in contact with someone who knows of some kittens that need a home. Now we are waiting to see what is there. A new playmate for Ebony will be here soon to join our family...

....or even maybe two if I can get away with it!! Shshhhh......

Nimbus and Ebony - settled and content by the fireNimbus and Ebony - settled and content by the fire




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