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Posted 5/7/2015

My son calls me The Crazy Cat Lady! Why? We have 5 cats of various ages. I am at my happiest when I have a houseful of cats, if I could have more, I would!

All my cats are mogs! All but the latest were rescued or came from feral farm cats.

So my cats consists of 3 tabbies, a tortoiseshell, and a black with a small splash of white on his front. Their names are Minx, Smudge, Ebony, Icarus and Aria.

These are my family cats.

Minx - The Old Aged PensionerMinx - The Old Aged PensionerMinx

She is a beautiful tabby and is my oldest. Minx was one of two sisters I took from a farm in the summer of 2007. Her sister, who I lost in the Autumn of 2014 was a silver tabby called Jinx.

They were as opposite as chalk and cheese.  Minx was and still is very laid back, nothing much scares or worries her, she loves everything and everybody. Jinx on the other-hand was a stress-bot but Jinx was also my baby! As JinxJinxgentle as could be, she was always on me, beside me or around me while I was home. She died a very good age. Minx, being more laid back is still going strong but I can now see she is showing the signs of age, loosing weight, sleeping more but she is still good and healthy.

Minx has an extremely dense coat with a lot of undercoat for a short haired so maintenance with her with the comb is a must! She sits well while grooming but once she has had enough - she has had enough! Minx is the oldest cat I have had.

Smudge - The Grouchy Old ManSmudge - The Grouchy Old ManSmudge

Heis the old man of the family. For a mog, he is big, heavy and solid! I have problems lifting him. Smudge came to me about 18 months old after seeing an advert "free to good home" I called to arrange to go and  see him. He was in a small house with a toddler. He was sat near a closed patio door on a fine day. They couldn't do anything with him and were considering putting him down. He had scratched the child. Then they said something that put everything into place for me, he had come from the Cats Protection League, he had never been out.... I knew what was wrong, he wanted, no, he NEEDED to go out. I took him home.

Keeping him in overnight he was ratty, he ate but glared while doing so. I sat quietly, he finished eating. I sat quietly, he slowly wandered over. I sat quietly, he came on the chair arm. I slowly lowered my head to him, he headbutted me. He meowed. I knew he wanted out. I kept him in overnight..

The following morning, it was beautiful. I fed him a good meal, let him eat as much as he wanted. I opened the back door. He gingerly went out the door, looked around, and then ran, up the garden. He was gone. I waited.


48 hours I waited.


Got up, opened the back door, was greeted with a loud "meow" I'm starving look, fed him, he wandered through the house, up the stairs, got on my bed, went to sleep. He was a very happy, contented cat. He is now about 14-15 years old and still going strong. He doesn't bother much with the other cats, he likes being out on our wall watching the world go by or sleeps in one of the grass beds in summer. He doesn't go far now especially in the winter. He still always comes and gives me a good solid headbutt through, very often.

Ebony - The TeenagerEbony - The TeenagerEbony

She is one of two rescued cats we got in late in 2014 after the loss of Jinx. They were a pair that were abandoned in a house when the owners moved out! The  lovely black & white Tom we called Nimbus and Ebony was the black queen. Ebony became attached to me but Nimbus became the beloved of my son.

I have grown up loosing cats, some to being hit by a car, one to poisoning and Ebony and Nimbus - Rescue KittensEbony and Nimbus - Rescue Kittensthen others when they go out but just do not come home and you never know what happened. One morning Nimbus was not there when we opened the door. My son got up, went looking and found him in the back alley. He had been hit by a car. He was devastated.

Ebony was lost! She cried a lot. With Minx and Smudge being old, she had lost her playmate. She needed company. We decided in the spring to get another kitten.

Ebony is very mischievous. She is whirlwind dervish of speed and power! She is an athlete. She jumps into and onto everything, often without even looking! Her nickname is "getofftheside!".

Rules? What rules!? As far as she is concerned, rules do not apply to her (I am sooo glad we got her neutered early as possible!). There is still a lot of kitten in her, and often joins in the playtime with Aria and Icarus.


There are two main type of cat people, those who let their cats out and those who don't.

I am adding this note as no doubt some people are saying, "you should NOT let your cats out".

As you can tell, I let my cats out. I think it is cruel to keep a cat in.

Everyone needs fresh air, you don not keep children in, you have to let go. You have to do the best you can. I can not keep a cat in, I can not keep my doors and windows shut. Cats need fresh air, to get out, and HUNT! You do not like cats hunting? Then you have the wrong pet! Cats are nocturnal, they are hunters, predators. You want to keep an indoor animal, guinea pigs are nice, so are goldfish. I love watching my cats play in the yard, in the wind with swirling leaves, watching them leap around. Watching them sleep in the sun. Yes its annoying when you open the door to find a dead bird or mouse but if you understand cats, they are bring you a gift! It is a sign of love and affection.

My cats love being inside in winter, by the fire warm. But they also love outside. I will not deny them that.

Icarus - The ToddlerIcarus - The ToddlerIcarus

How I first got Icarus is in a previous blog -  My Long Haired Kitten.

Icarus is very gentle and he loves cuddles. His coat is very soft and silly, just like he is. He loves bedtime and shares my bed with Aria on a night. Often in the day he will go upstairs to go to bed when I am not home.

He is a lot quieter than Aria, maybe because Aria has been here already two months where Icarus has been with us a couple of weeks. He loves the yard and loves going in and out as he pleases.

He does not like the cat carrier. Going to the vet for his first check-up and inoculation, he cried from the moment he went into the carrier until the moment we got home again. Having two dogs at the vets barking and growling nearly getting into a fight did not help at all! But he was quiet when having his first injection. He has now taken to sleeping with Aria and Minx on my settee,. especially if I am also sat there, often having both kittens on my knee together.

Aria - The BabyAria - The BabyAria

How Aria joined our family is in a previous blog- From Feral to Family Pt1.

Aria is my baby. Originally we got her for my son but as she was so small, my son's workload and free time etc making it difficult to spend the required bonding time with her, she bonded, very tightly to me.

Very gentle when she is in a lovey mood, enjoying being cuddled and held at this time. At bedtime, when I switch off and head upstairs, I call to her "bedtime!" and she then runs upstairs like a bullet, straight onto my bed. She always cuddles into me on a night, snuggling into my neck and purring away. Bliss.

She is very, very vocal, always talking to me, chirping away. She loves feeding time, she loves food! And cat milk! She has learnt to tell me when she's hungry, going to her feeding corner and screaming!

Playtime can be a wilder affair. She is fast! She loves her toys, the more the merrier, having a small toy box to keep all her balls in one place when we tidy up. Two play cubes, a tunnel, a mouse on a spring x2 also, there are no shortage of things to play with.



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