Final Addition - My Long Haired Kitten

Posted 28/6/2015

Aria, our feral kitten is growing and I was now looking for a companion for her round about the same age but I decided it would be a long haired only. This time I would be firm, long haired or nothing as this would be the last addition to my family.

By utter chance, two days ago, on Friday I looked at a web page that detailed local ads offering cats and kittens for sale and noticed at the top a new local ad with a picture of an absolutely charming fluffy kitten face. I read the add.

A litter of 15 week old kittens were ready for their forever homes, a silver tabby and a black, both short haired, a long haired silver tabby and a long haired silver-brown tabby. The advert said contact by text. I did.... 20 minutes later I was at the bus stop heading across town, I was the first person to enquire.

Half an hour and two buses later (my town is small but still have to swap buses in the town center) I was walking up the steps to this lovely large house being renovated with a big beaming smile on my face. Silver long haired tabbies, beautiful.... 

Now all my life I had taken in rescued cats, most often adults. I have taken in cats deemed too wild to be homed, an abused cat that took five years of hard work that became one of the most devoted cats I have had. I even took an unwanted ugly kitten that turned swan-like into the most adorable adult.

I had contacted The Cats Protection League on several occasions but have found my local one very, hmmmm, unresponsive. In fact each time I have contacted them they never ever got back to me with anything. I have now become disillusioned with them. In fact Aria had come to me via a friend where I used to work. That is why I was looking to private advertisers for my long haired.

Once inside this lovely house I was shown two long haired balls of fluff... I had said I wanted a long haired so she only brought those two out (I am so glad too cos I also luv black cats!)

Icarus, the beautiful long haired silver - brown tabby kitten, 15 weeks 3 days oldIcarus, the beautiful long haired silver - brown tabby kitten, 15 weeks 3 days oldThere was a long haired silver brown tom and a smaller darker silver long haired queen. They were both utterly adorable and I would have taken both if I could but I had to behave (my son was bouncing cos I had gone to see these! He would kill me if I had brought home both!)

Anyways meeting both, checking the sex of each, I found out more about the mother. She was a beautiful part feral tabby that they had taken in by this lovely family, then found she was pregnant. They were going to keep her. The silver-brown tabby was purring......

Chalk and cheese! Every cat, as every person, will have a different and unique personality. I have had cats since I was 4 years old, I can not be without one. I had always had toms, but one day I ended up with a female. There is a huge difference also between the toms and queens in lifestyle.

Over the years I have learnt than even after neutering, toms still range a lot, but the queens tended to a lot less. After just loosing a tom a few months ago, I was more inclined to stick now with just females but this tom kitten had something, his personality was distinct, his purr was just so loud!

The queen was lovely, gentle, but the tom was, daring, more awake, alive, fun, he had a twinkle... This would be a risk, I knew it. More chance to loose him, but, something said to me, this is right... he is the one.

The deal was done, and off I went home with my cat basket now holding a beautiful new cat who was now part of my family, the final of five cats I would now have.

Getting home took longer than going, traffic was bad, buses were worse! I decided to put him in my room, with a tray, water and some dry food and let him calm down.

Getting ready for work (I was already running late!) he did nothing but meow, and cuddle! He was very gentle and loving. After talking with my son, it was decided to leave him the run of the house, my son would keep a watch on him.

When I got home 4 hours later he was happily playing on my bed. He was totally at home!

Now the fun begins!

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