My Mobile has on OS Update!

Posted 11/4/2015

Mobile phones have become an integral part of modern day life for most of us. Some of us prefer a simple call and text basic phone, but for many others, we want our phone to do much more. For some of us our phone has become more than just another gadget, it is work, rest and play all in one. 

Most of us have a mobile phone and most of those are smartphones. These are, in essence, mini computers. Like computers, they get updates from either the manufacturer or service provider, depending on the handset.  Now how many take any notice if you get a notification that the phone has an update. I guess most will just press update and allow the handset to upgrade.

But, what happens when that upgrade goes wrong?

What do you do?

I have a smart phone. I started with an Apple iPhone, the 3GS, joined O2 and I loved it. This phone did everything I wanted it to, was fun to use and loved the apps. It was also the first where I experienced a system update. It added new features, removed others and changed the rest. Sometimes I felt the updates were a step backwards, sometimes they added lovely new features. What was most important was I loved my new smartphone.

Eventually it grew old as new phones came out and I fell in love with the Samsung Galaxy S3. Now I have never been bothered about having the most up to date, I go with what feels right, and the S3 felt right to me. It would be a while before I actually changed my phone but finally, the day came, it was on offer so I decided to upgrade. I changed carrier and phone, and joined T-Mobile with my new Galaxy S3.

What a difference this phone was. After being tied to Apple, its features and layout, I was now on Android. I could customise just about everything. I could change what was on the home screen, what icons I wanted, even widgets! It was amazing the versatility of the system.

Then came the updates, unlike Apple that had OS something or other, we had Ice Cream, then Jelly Bean then KitKat! And then Lollipop came out (I will come to that).

My S3 went from Ice Cream Sandwich to Jelly Bean. What I didn't like was the update putting big notifications on the lock screen and the music player on the lock screen. blocking my clock! Customisation! In the app store, Lock Screen Policy, removed what I didn't like, and it was great again.

With my love of Android, I went out and treated myself to a tablet, Asus Nexus 7 2012 wifi 32gb model with Jelly Bean 4.1. This again would go through the updates, and I reached KitKat 4.4 without too much trouble.  The tablet was great to use, often saving me putting on the computer. I watched videos on it, my social networking, web browsing. It did nearly everything I wanted it to.

Then came Lollipop, and I upgraded. OMG, I wish I had declined, what a mess! My tablet became totally unusable. Not only that, I HATED the new OS. It was ugly! It removed most of the features I used and loved! Now I would really test out the customisability of Android. I had to learn to Jailbreak my tablet, I had to root it, remove Lollipop and downgrade the OS back to KitKat. What I thought would take me an hour, took me from 8.15am to nearly 3pm in the afternoon, but I managed it!

My Nexus 7 was back to KitKat and usable again. I have no intention of going there again, or upgrading any other device to Lollipop. When I found out my S3 was not compatible I was so relieved, no nagging update notifications.

This has made me realise how bad it must be for those out there who are not tech savvy. I am, I taught myself and can usually work out what I need to do fix things. I build my own computers.

Now I have a new phone, a lovely black Samsung Galaxy Note 3. This is running KitKat (thank God!) but is upgradeable to Lollipop, err no thanks! I will be rooting this handset and disabling the OTA (over-the-air) update before it appears!

I much prefer KitKats to Lollipops!

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