Rescued Moma and Kittens

Posted 16/1/2016

The four rescued kittensThe four rescued kittensOk, hopefully you have already read my blog "Stray Cat with Kittens"? This is the next part. We got moma stray cat and the 4 kittens safe and warm with us. it was hectic, 4 tiny 5 week old kittens with a wild stray cat, this was going to be fun. We started out by naming mom Sweetie as that was what we had been calling her, but both my son and I felt it didn't suit her.

Thinking hat on...



Sorsha, the stray, now rescued cat in our careSorsha, the stray, now rescued cat in our care

How long she had been on her own we can not tell but she wasn't that old. What I did see was potential! At this point we had lost our Ebony and had finally decided she had gone, we decided that mom would stay with us. Its hard to rehome adult cats, and seeing her languishing in a cage in a rescue centre, being past by as she was quite wild.... Nope, we would keep her, I mean, she wasn't the first wild cat I had tamed! She had beautiful colouring. Plus she was feisty!

Have you seen the film "Willow"?


We finally had a name that suited her.

As for the kittens, well... You have to admit they are absolutely gorgeous. Totally content, within a couple of hours you would never know they had been living in a hedge cold and hungry. They took to the house, food, toys, beds warm, as if they had been born to it. They were going to have no problems in the future, they were going to be fine.

Mom was a whole different kettle of fish! She was going to be a whole new challenge, but I new the reward at the end would be worth it.  I was looking forward to the challenge!

Well the face said it all. One very scared cat. We have no idea what he life has been like but we are sure she has gone through hell! You can tell she has been digging a lot, there was hardly any fur on her nose, she had ticks and fleas, and she was dirty! That was what told me she wasn't a feral, she was a stray.

kitten playtimekitten playtimeThis was going to take a while. What we found was the kittens, being kittens were into everything, loved exploring, running around, getting in with the other cats, but mom HATED it! She was very protective. With her kittens being born outside and none having human contact, even though the kittens adjusted straight away, mom was super stressed.

I had another worry, bonding... I have had feral kittens many times and they bond very tightly to the person who rears them. I could not allow these kittens to bond to me (plus the fact I had a feral who had in fact bonded to me very strongly already!).

The kittens needed homes, soon! They were a lot of hard work! Added to the kittens was the fact we had the wild moma plus we had our Ebony home who was also very skittish and prone to mood swings. It was going to take take for both those two to settle down.

As it turned out, the kittens found home very quickly. Two kittens would go to a couple of my close friends, and the other two would be rehomed through NASSL.



We knew we wouldn't be able to start work on Sorsha until the kittens were gone. She was too protective and hyped up. Each time they were out playing she was panic stricken! She wouldn't begin to calm down until they had gone to their new homes. After Sorsha came back from the vets after her check-up, spay and microchipping, we kept her separate.

We bought a bigger cage and left it in the middle of the room so she could see her kittens but she couldn't start to suckle them again.

Once the kittens were gone, the real work would begin.

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