Stray Cat with Kittens

Posted 14/1/2016

The Stray Moma Cat Living In a HedgeThe Stray Moma Cat Living In a HedgeIt has been a while since I have been on here as things started happening last year that took me away from most of my web building work, both on my sites and the other sites they I was managing. Things have now calmed down to a point and I am getting back to normal but with a few changes in my life.

I am now only doing my websites.  I am no longer managing the other sites from last year.  It was something I had to do for very many reasons, both personal and professional. My time is not as it was and the stress associated with doing the other sites is something I have decided i needed to cut out of my life.

The second change is cats!  Two things happened last year that have had a profound effect on me, and my son. Those who follow my Facebook page and / or my Twitter feed will have an idea about.  It is those two things that this blog is about.




Cats! we love our cats! Last year one of our cats disappeared. One morning, our sweetie Ebony just wasn't there. we spent weeks walking the streets calling her, all hours of the day and night. We called the council, asked postmen, put posters up everywhere. We were heartbroken. (See We Lost and Found Our Cat).

It was during this time we received a phone call, asking if our cat was pregnant. This man had seen a cat with tiny kittens in the hedge on the main road at the bottom of our street. He gave a description but it wasn't her, But, I was worried. A cat with kittens beside a main road, in front of a supermarket, all those lorries going in and out, it was only a few weeks ago I had seen a ginger cat laying in the middle of the road, dead at that spot. My son and I went to investigate.

The 3 ginger kittens we rescued first, warm, fed, safe & soundThe 3 ginger kittens we rescued first, warm, fed, safe & soundWell what we found was this female cat had a litter of four kittens in the thickest part of the hedge. He had seen her with three ginger kittens and a little white one. This was no home for any cat or kitten, I couldn't leave them there, my son agreed. The fun and games began. A couple of hours later we had managed to catch three gorgeous ginger kittens, but no sign of mum or the little white one.

Over the next few hours I kept going back, and finally I saw moma cat... I watched carefully, aware that she would move the remaining kitten, which she had done, further over in the same hedge. I carefully watched and took note where she went into the hedge. I then went home, got some sardines on a paper plate, went back and carefully put the plate into the hedge where she had gone in, then left. A couple of hours later I went back with another plateful. There on the edge was the previous plate, empty...  I took that away and put the new plate in its place.

So this continued for a week, slowly gaining her trust. She slowly was edging closer and closer, but her hiding place made it impossible to catch her.

I was feeding her 5 times a day. I was worried about her especially if she was still nursing the still yet unseen white kitten. I would feed her at 5.30am before going to work, 9am when I got home, 2.30pm before my afternoon shift, 6.30pm when I got home and then again about 1pm before I went to bed. At last, on the Thursday, I finally came round with the food and saw the little kitten out in the open on the car park, with mom. She was so pretty. They both dove back in the hedge as I approached. As usual I slid the food into the hedge, stepped back and watched as mom came forward to eat, watching me as she ate. As I looked into the hedge, I saw the kitten, back in the middle of the deepest part of the hedge in a small hollow in the ground, like a dirt nest.

On the Saturday, I did my usual feeding but on the mid morning feed, after mom finished, there was some food left on the plate. Mom went back into their hollow and slowly the kitten came forward, watching me, and then began to finish off the food on the plate.

On the afternoon I wandered round, with a plate holding double the amount it usually did and was greeted with two faces watching out of the hedge.

Little stray kitten with her stray momaLittle stray kitten with her stray momaWhat a beautiful little face she had. She happily fed off the plate with her mom, between them finishing off the plateful of food. I knew I needed to get these two to safety. The 3 ginger kittens were doing well at home.  The problem was how to get these two caught. How to get mom. How to get the kitten.

I had an idea. I phoned my son in town.

He came home with a very long handled tadpole net! Kitten sorted!

Now had to think about how to get moma, now that was a very difficult dilemma. There was no way I could catch her. I was given the details of a charity, NASSLE (National Animal Sanctuaries Support League). I contacted them. They had a humane trap. We would try on the Sunday morning, early while it was quiet.

I kept the feeding as normal.


Each time I fed them, I had the net handy. Then I got my chance. I went round, it was quiet, they were asleep. I slowly put the net in and above the opening where I fed them. I eased the handle over to the side out of sight. I then put the food in, calling come on sweetie ( I had taken to calling mom sweetie as she was a little sweetie!). Mom stretched, and slowly came forward to eat, followed slowly by the kitten. After mom had finished, she looked at me, then wandered back into the hollow and curled up.

I had my chance... the kitten finished off eating what was on the plate and stood to look at me... I had my hand on the handle of the net.

Swoosh! the last kitten was mine! A cold little bundle of fur was wrapped in a blanket and now in safe care. I looked at mom, she looked at me.... now I was scared, I was worried mom would leave. I went home, put the kitten in th care of my son and got another plate of food and went back. Mom was still there. I put the food into the hedge as far as I could reach.. mom edged away.

I started feeding her smaller amounts but very often, 1 -2 hours apart. It seemed to keep her there. Saturday night I walked home, praying she would still be there in the morning. I didn't sleep well that night..

Sunday morning, I didn't feed her as early as normal, but I did go round at normal time.  She was there, looking expectantly. I kept talking to her quietly. She was hungry. Then NASSLE arrived with the humane trap. They agreed it would be difficult to catch her, but I ad gained some trust with mom, even though I had taken her kittens. I felt positive, she had remained there, I would soon have her safe too. We took the trap over, we baited it and i left some sardines along the edge leading into the cage. I stepped back to my usual place and continued talking to her.

She came out...

She started eating the food towards the cage...

She stepped in the cage...

She tentatively walked towards the plate of food at the back of the cage...


She was now a rescued cat. She was going to be my cat, she was going to have a new chance of life.

She was now safe.

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