We Lost and Found Our Cat

Posted 15/1/2016

Our Black Cat - EbonyOur Black Cat - EbonyWe have a beautiful black cat called Ebony. She was the sister of  Nimbus, the cat we lost (Loss Of a Loved One). She enjoyed going out on a night raking, as all cats do. I have always let my cats out, they are nocturnal creatures. Yes they are hunters too, but that is who they are. Hug amchines with teeth and claws that love to bring you gifts, and they dont mind if they are alive or dead!

One morning, she wasn't home for breakfast. At first we were not too worried but after an hour or so, it was getting light, still no sign of her, we started calling her.


Now Ebony is a bit of a character. She had already gone walkabout a couple of times, my son doing his rescue routine, walking the back alleys and finding her sat on a wall a couple of streets away meowing! Both times, home she came in his arms, happy to be home and where's my dinner?

This time it was to be very different, and effect both my son and myself in a way we never expected.

What started as another walk round the back alley streets turned into nearly 3 months of going out day after day, night after night calling her. My son and I work shifts, me early mornings, up at 5am, my son works late, finishing at 2am.

We started calling for her at all hours, I would get up at 4am and go looking before work, my son would be looking on his way home from work, both of us walking miles up and down the back alleys of all the streets, venturing further and further out. we checked the housing estates, the railway sidings, behind the supermarkets, the parks, allotments and everywhere in between.

I called the local council, asked about their procedure if they found a dead cat and was given a telephone number of the company that collected them and kept records. Each time I phoned, no cat answering her description had been picked up.

Ebony sunning herselfEbony sunning herselfWe printed and laminated posters and put them up everywhere ( even though so horrible people kept going round and taking some down). Then we heard about two other cats that had disappeared very close to us and we feared the worst.

Slowly we began to come to terms with the fact she was inn all probability gone. I had a sticker in the window saying "A very spoilt black cat lives here", I took it down. We slowly got back to normal, we came to the conclusion if she was still alive she was nowhere local. We know we would have found her if she was.

Slowly things got back to normal, though we both missed her greatly. We had lost now the brother and sister.

We had just rescued a mother cat and 4 kittens so we had a houseful, I was looking forward to a week off. We had decided to keep the moma cat. She had already been to the vets to be checked over, spayed and microchipped. I was going to enjoy a week off with all the cats, getting the kittens their forever homes and spending a bit of time settling moma.

It was Friday, lunchtime, the phone went, my son brought the phone over. It was a veterinary practice, it wasn't ours.

My heart leapt into my throat....

I said hello?

She said "Hello, we have your Ebony!"

OMG! we went straight over to pick her up.

We live in a town. she had been found on the opposite side of town. Someone had seen her, began feeding her, and had been able to get close enough to pick her and droped her off at the vets. They had checked for a microchip...

All my cats are microchipped.

We have our Ebony back.

Ebony back home with us, safe and sound Ebony back home with us, safe and sound

This is the first time I have had a cat go missing for more than three days and then have the cat return. Every other time we lost the cat, most often killed but a few times the cat just disappeared. The feeling of getting her back was quite frankly overwhelming! We both had to go to work after getting her home and we both were still shell-shocked in work. It was also difficult as explaining to people who didn't feel the same about animals would not understand how you were feeling. I was so grateful  that when I finished that shift, I was then off for a week. I needed that time to just recover.


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