Ohh My Aching Back!

Posted 1/4/2015

I guess most people have felt the pain of a bad back at some point in their life. I have lived with it for 12 years. I pulled my back out while at work one day, rushing to complete an order, swinging 5ltr tins of paint out from a difficult to reach corner without a care in the world. I didn’t feel a thing at the time. Next morning, I did…

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What Is A Name?

Posted 31/3/2015

Unusual names, they can be beautifully beneficial, but sometimes they can also hurt.

Everyone has a name, and even if that name is common, to the people who have that name it is still uniquely special to them. But what if your name has a quirk, has something about it that makes it difficult in some way? That is my situation.

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Posted 30/3/2015

Welcome to the mutterings of Michaela-Jane.

This site is about my outlook on life, what I see and feel, posting blogs about love, life, tech, the world, the universe and chocolate!

For years I have wanted to start this adventure, but life, work and other obstacles always seemed to appear in my way as I attempted to start venturing in this creative world. Now I have finally managed to step into this cyberspace of writing and I hope this will become an amazing voyage of wonderful discovery.

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